About Ecotessa

About us


We Believe In:

│ Breaking Wall Covering Rules │ Eco-Consciousness │ Culture │

│ Sustainable Materials │ Supporting Local Communities │ Creative Expression │

│ Texture │ Hand-Crafted │ Natural Beauty │Innovative Design│




If the heart of Ecotessa’s product offerings is in its dazzling array of textures, then it’s soul surely lies in captivating design. Sophisticated and fashion-forward, Ecotessa blends natural elements and materials with modern aesthetics.



Deforestation and global warming are issues that are of paramount importance to us.  As such, we take great strides to ensure that our products are environmentally friendly.  Coconut shell and plantation teakwood play integral roles in Ecotessa, both of which are rapidly renewable and sustainable materials.  Even the adhesives we use have low VOC content!



Ever a responsible member of the community, Ecotessa creates a multitude of employment opportunities for local Indonesians.  These jobs include, but are not limited to, design, photography, and assembly.  Additionally, for every customer purchase, Ecotessa donates a portion of the profits to local Indonesian schools.

Green Initiative


In a world that is rapidly shrinking, environmental responsibility is something we take very seriously. In fact, it’s at the forefront of our consciousness in each stage of the manufacturing process. Creating a product that you can feel good about purchasing and installing is something we take great pride in.

The teakwood we use originates from 2 eco-friendly sources. Government regulated Indonesian plantations, or reclaimed sources, such as old boats and houses. One of the most intriguing aspects of our manufacturing process is our “No Waste Policy”. Not even the tiniest scraps are discarded, as slivers of teak and coconut shell are hand sculpted into stunning and unique, artisan handcrafted tiles.

Speaking of coconut shell. Once discarded or burned for fuel, this rapidly renewable resource, the amazing and versatile coconut, finds its final use as the cornerstone of our collections. Ecotessa is earthy, elegant, and environmentally sound, down to the low VOC adhesives we use to adhere our mesh substrates with!