Ecotessa tiles are made of natural materials and are packaged and ready for installation and use in any indoor environment.  If you plan on using the tiles in an outdoor setting, we recommend coating them in polyurethane to withstand harsher elements.

Any Ecotessa tile is perfect for walls or ceilings.  However, only select styles are recommended for use on floors.

Please follow these 5 simple steps to effectively install Ecotessa Tile:

Installation step image

step 1

Prior to installation, open the box and allow tiles to acclimate in a horizontal position for at least 24 hours.

During this time, prepare your installation tools.  This would include, but is not limited to, a pencil, level, ruler, silicon based adhesive, and angle grinder/tile cutter.

Installation step image

step 2

Clean the surface to which you are applying tile.  Make sure the surface is clean, smooth, and dry.  Allocate sufficient time to repair any damaged or uneven areas.

Installation step image

step 3

Apply silicon based glue to the back of the tile in a grid-like pattern to ensure proper adhesion to the surface.

Installation step image

step 4

Paste the tile to the surface and hold it in place for 5-10 seconds.  Make sure that the tile is lying completely flat so that all areas of the tile are in contact with the surface.

When installing the next tile, make sure that it is properly aligned with the previous one.  If you would like to use grout, leave some space between the tiles.

Installation step image

step 5

When finished, make sure to clean off any excess adhesive with a damp cloth.  On the edges of your surface, if tiles need to be cut, use your angle grinder/tile cutter to adjust the size of the tile.


maintenance cleaning

Ecotessa tiles are easy to maintain.

When needed, simply dust lightly or wash with a damp cloth.


Ecotessa tiles are easy to store.

For optimal preservation, the tiles should be stored in a horizontal position.  Do not stack more than 10 boxes on top of each other.  A dry and airy climate works best for storage.